A couple of weeks ago I decided to trade in a handful of photography gear to trim my collection of stuff down a bit. With my trade-ins I was able to get a Fujifilm X-T4. I didn't originally set out to get one but it just worked out. This camera was on my wishlist for... Continue Reading →

“SILVER CYAN” – Film Simulation Recipe

"SILVER CYAN" BASE FILM SIMULATION: PRO Neg HiDYNAMIC RANGE: DR100HIGHLIGHT:-2SHADOW:-1COLOR:+2WHITE BALANCE: 5300KWB SHIFT: R: -4, B:6NOISE REDUCTION:0SHARPENING:+4GRAIN EFFECT: WEAK This recipe was created on my X-H1 but you should be able recreate the main aspects of it on many of the X-Series cameras. The key parts being the base film sim, the WB and WB... Continue Reading →

“GRAY DARK” – A B&W Film Simulation Recipe

"GRAY DARK" RECIPE SETTINGS BASE FILM SIMULATION: MONOCHROME R FILTERDYNAMIC RANGE: DR200WHITE BALANCE: AUTOCOLOR: n/aSHARPNESS: -2HIGHLIGHT TONE: 0SHADOW TONE: -2NOISE REDUCTION: -2 Here is yet another B&W film simulation recipe for the X-T1 (X-Trans II Sensor). I went out on a street photography walk recently and before I went out I wanted to choose a... Continue Reading →

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