I recieved 2 lenses for review from TTArtisan, the 23mm f1.4 and 25mm f2.0. This will not be the review. I will shoot with both of them for bit before I talk in more detail about them.

I have started shooting with the 25mm f2.0 and thought I would share a few photos here. These photos are not to show the image quality of the lens. These are photos of my having fun and experimenting with some slow shutter and motion blur.

I also created a short video that includes photos taken with this lens on my X-H1. I created the video for Instagram but I wanted to create it in 16×9 and IG is weird about all its different video formats for stories, reels, etc etc. So I decided to post it go YouTube as well.

I can say that so far I love the size, feel and build quality of the 25mm. Right now it’s the most compact lens I own. Having a compact lens is the most important part of making a small kit to carry around.

I’ll post more about both of these lenses once I shoot with them and get to know them a bit more.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys are well.