I’m experimenting with some new recipes for my Fujifilm cameras. These shots are from my X-T4 using a recipe based off the Classic Negative film simulation as the base.

This is one of those looks that has hints of a film look but sill has the overall clarity of digital. I shot these test photos with a manual focus 35mm f1.4 lens from TTartisan. Sometimes I nailed focus but a lot of times I missed it.

Missing focus just a little can sometimes help achieving a film like vibe if that’s what you’re going for. Most of my focus misses on this day was simply caused by me moving too fast and relying to heavily on focus peaking.

I like the look of this recipe but I might just test a couple more things before I post the info for everyone. I also want to create 2 more variations of it. One of those variations will be for older cameras with Classic Chrome (and not Classic Neg). And the other will be just a more desaturated version of this, with some grain and toned down clarity.

I’m going to go out with my X-H1 and this same lens and try the Classic Chrome variation of this recipe very soon. I’ll post those photos so we can compare then you guys can try these out for yourself.

I hope you guys are enjoying my posts. It’s fun to share parts of my creative process.

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