Today I’ve turned on YouTube channel memberships. This will be an ongoing experiment as I figure how to make the most of it for both my members and myself. One of the biggest motivations is so I can do live streams and videos that are targeted to a small audience that wants to see them. I invite you to try out my channel memberships the first 2 tiers are priced pretty cheap but have the content perks. The third tier is even more of an experiment as I will be sending prints out to this group of people. I will continue to adjust things as I get further along with all of this.


I can’t fully explain nor justify my gear journey. I will attempt to explain some of it though over time. Here’s where I sit currently with photography gear, in terms of cameras at least.

  • Fujifilm X-T4: This is my main video/”cinema” camera. Unless I need a second body for stills this sits on the shelf when not being used for video. Amazing camera for stills and video but it’s mostly a video camera for me.
  • Fujifilm X-T2: Honestly I’d be a bit embarrassed to share how many times I’ve bought and sold this model. (Insert GIF of Homer Simpson disappearing into shrubs here) My most recent version came from KEH. (not the one in the pic but looks like it) I tried rocking 2 X-T4s for a while, one for photos and one as a backup and video camera. But I’ve realized the Fujifilm X-T2 is the Fujifilm sweet spot for me. I love the size, the weight, the build quality, the 3-way tilting screen, etc. And maybe there’s an emotional attachment too. Ok, no maybe. There is. But I’ll revisit this yet again in more videos and blogs.
  • Nikon N8008: This is my lone film camera at the moment. It packs a punch for the price and is a great camera. I’m still worried about the future of film photography and would rather not have a ton of money in film gear that may not have any value in a few years. I’m going to give things a little more time then hunt down a mint or near mint Nikon F3.


I’ve talked about it before but I’m a lot closer than ever to selling prints. I’m going to offer 2 ways of buying them. One through an online service and one directly through me. The online service will be great for anyone wanting to order slightly larger print sizes and for anyone that is not in the US (as well as people in the US of course). I will also have either an ETSY shop or just take direct orders. This will allow me to make these prints and orders a little more personal. These will be smaller, 4×6 up to 11×17 or so. They will be printed by me and I will pack them and mail them myself.

Ok, that’s it for now. I’m the worst blogger in the history of blogging I think but I’m going to keep at it and maybe I’ll figure out a way to post more consistently. Thank you for anyone still around reading. I appreciate it! Please leave a comment and give me updates on what you’re shooting and shooting with. Until next time..