In one of my last posts I talked about the TTartisan 35mm f1.4. This has been one of my favorite manual focus lenses for my Fujifilm cameras. In that last post I shared photos I took with it paired with my X-H1. Now I have it mounted on my X-T4.

I haven’t walked around taking street photos in a few weeks but I try to grab random shots of things around me.

I love shooting my digital cameras like they’re film cameras. Having a lens like this enhances that experience. When I keep the flip out screen on the X-T4 closed it helps me avoid looking at the photos I’ve taken right after I take them and it keeps me in the moment.

I love taking these abstract shots of everyday things. This blog has been a great place to share random photos I take.

Fujifilm X-T4 + TTartisan 35mm f1.4

This is my Fujifilm X-T4 and TTartisan 35mm f1.4. This lens would pair great with any Fujifilm camera though.


P.S – Remind me to talk about film photography again soon. There are some interesting things happening in this space from Kodak & Leica. Crazy Times! Talk to you guys soon.

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