Last week I uploaded a new YouTube video reviewing and showing the Dehancer plug-in. (I have discount code for Dehancer at the bottom of this blog)

I get review offers from some small companies often but I don’t want to accept just any partnership. Any sponsorship or review I do has to make sense with what I talk about on my blog or YouTube channel. When Dehancer reached out to see if I would consider doing a review of their software it seemed like a perfect fit.

Dehancer (the photo version) is a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, and Affinity photo. It’s a tool to give your photos a film look. It includes a handful of adjustment tools and presets to help you achieve that.

I love playing around with different photo editing styles and that includes trying to achieve a vintage or film like vibe, at least sometimes. I was excited about working with Dehancer because this is a product I would actually use.

Here are a few images edited in Dehancer:

My video gives a good overview of what Dehancer does and how it works. Overall I think it’s a great pice of software for anyone who likes to mimic 35mm film with their digital files or to just give your images a vintage vibe.

There are improvements I hope they make and I mention those in the video.

The halation, bloom and film grain modules are 3 of the big reasons I really like using it. Halation and bloom are image effects that are not easily done in Lightroom or Capture One alone.

Another cool thing I like about Dehancer is it makes it super easy to create, share and import presets. I’ve created 2 that you can download for FREE on my Buy Me A Coffee page, of course any donation is apprecated. –

Dehancer sent me this copy of the software in exchange for a review but no other coordination was made.

Once I tried it for a bit I decided to become an affiliate of theirs so I can offer a discount code to any of my viewers and readers who decide to give it a try. So if you decide to try Dehancer I invite you to use my discount code “CBPHOTO22” when you purchase. (DISCLAIMER: I recieve a portion of every purchase made with my discount code. )

If you decide to try out Dehancer, let me know how it works out for you.