A Sunday Swim

A favorite summer activity for my son and I is swimming. Often times we take our GoPro with us to capture some cool video as well as use it for an object to hide and find in the water. Since I have been playing around with an editing app for the iPad Pro called LumaFusion... Continue Reading →

Ok, so I haven't even seen one of these in person yet but I wanted to share what excites me about it. Many, Many Cores Quad-core laptops are nothing new but Apple offering a Quad-core in the 13-inch model is a welcome addition. This makes the 13-inch a viable option for owners of previous 15-inch... Continue Reading →

Why do I want to start a blog in 2018?

Why in the age of Instagram and Snapchat would I want to start another blog? The answer is multifaceted. I have always liked the idea of having a home on the internet outside of the realm of social media, whether that's just a landing page, portfolio, resume or blog. I haven't kept an active personal... Continue Reading →

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