95 degree high temps are normal for fall right? Lol. Las Vegas hasn’t been good at fall this year so far. October snuck up on me and I realized I never posted once in September. How are you all doing? Good I hope.

I don’t have a ton of specific things to say today other than I’m still carrying a camera around as much as possible and taking as many pics as possible.

Lately I’ve returned to my X-H1 as my everyday carry but I may switch to the X-T4 again soon.

The past few weeks I was bouncing between manual focus lenses from TTartisan and 7artisans, both 35mm focal lengths. Now I’m back to the Fuji XF 35mm f2.0 & 23mm f2.0 lenses. Speaking of lenses I’ve been regretting selling the Fujifilm XF 35mm f1.4 lens. So I think I may have to buy that again soon. That’s always the test of whether I really like a piece of gear, if I sell it and really miss it. The 2 pieces of kit I’ve been missing lately is that 35mm and the X-T20. I realized I can’t have a small camera as my main camera but as a compliment to my X-H1 I think I might like to have an X-T20 or X-T30 again one day. But that’s possibly my gear head talking. But I do need, I mean want, to get the 35mm f1.4 again.

Speaking of cameras and my inner gear head, did you see the announcement of the Sony FX30? It’s an APS-C version of the FX3 for $1799. It has all the key cinema features of the FX3 with an APS-C sensor. I think I will be buying it at some point. I would love the X-H2s as my main video/cinema camera but I love the idea of buying a camera for one specific purpose that’s not meant to be a hybrid. I wish Fujifilm would release a cinema only camera that has the guts of the X-H2 but in body similar to the FX30. If they did that and priced it below $2000 they would sell a ton of them. In the meantime I think the FX30 will win over a lot of people.

That’s a lot of talk about gear! Whenever I get a happy trigger finger that adds new gear to my cart too often that’s when I need to get out and shoot more. The more I stay busy shooting, editing, planning or looking through photo books the less I think about gear upgrades.

So in my camera bag right now is my X-H1 + XF 35mm f2.0 set to a B&W recipe. I will continue to shoot some random stuff and share them here.

I hope you are well. Let me know what you’re shooting with at the moment and if you have any new gear in mind for the near future.