One simple strategy that has helped me when shooting landscape, city or street photography is revisiting a location often. This seems obvious but I think it’s easy to dismiss a place that seems familiar and that you have a lot of shots of already.

This area around the Welcome To Las Vegas sign is a common place I go to shoot. A handful of the photos in my last few blogs are evidence of this.

When I visit a location or place for the first time I can get overwhelmed with all the possibilities for photos. Do I frame a lot of wide shots? Do I go in for detail shots right away? Is there a lot of foot traffic? Do I capture that? All of the choices can be constricting if you let it. Obviously, when you’re traveling you’ll have a different strategy then I have when I’m talking about locations in my own town.

For places I visit often I’m able to experiment a little, go back to my computer and analyze what I’ve shot and make a list of new things I want to try next time or things I want to improve upon. Giving myself the freedom to shoot a place multiple times gives me peace of mind when I’m shooting. I don’t feel pressure to capture everything and to have every shot be amazing.

Because of the variety of people that are out there, among other things, I enjoy shooting around the Vegas sign often. These few are some of my recent favorites. Going out during the perfect time of day and having a bit of clouds created awesome lightings situations.