Hey! It’s Friday morning where I live. So good morning and happy Friday.

I posted these pics on Twitter following that trend where people post the camera then the photos. I normally post B&Ws so it’s fun to share some color work.

I don’t have a ton to say today because I have a lot of thoughts stirring in my head about the photography community that I need to write down and organize. If I don’t sit with these thoughts I will vommit an incomprehensible word salad that will bore you. lol

But here’s the crux of what’s on my mind. The distance between film photography and digital photography is not that far. No one gets to be the photography gatekeeper, no company, no person, no group, no hashtag, no trend. If you shoot with your iPhone and post on social cool. If you shoot large format and develop it yourself cool. I’m sorry to say but it’s ALL photography. Some people claim otherwise, and a few of them a lot louder lately. I think since the art of the still image is being left behind online the photography world is panicking a bit. Anyway, I’ll write more on this later but please leave your thoughts in the comments!

So go shoot a pic of the grand canyon with your iPhone or shoot your coffee cup with your 8×10 large format film camera, or whatever you want to do. We’re all creating and enjoying photography.