Right now in my photography journey I am still so in love with black and white photography and making black and white prints. I stopped shooting film and sold my darkroom equipment last year. For many reasons I decided it was better for me to go all in with an all digital workflow. Creating prints was going to continue to be a very important part of my process.

At the beginning of the year I purchased an EPSON P700 photo printer. I won’t get into all the details leading up to that purchase and why I chose that model in this blog but I will talk about that someday soon. In short, this along with the P900 appeared to be the best options for black and white photo printing.

One revelation about my creative preferencies while printing in my homemade darkroom for a couple of years is that I love small prints. Don’t get me wrong, huge prints are awesome and I would love to walk into a business, art gallery or home and see a 40×60 print of one of my images. Right now in my journey I want to spend my time creating smaller prints.

Some artwork is meant to be on a wall, to be part of the environment. It’s meant to be looked at from 5 feet away or more. It’s not meant to be touched, just looked at. I want to create things that you can hold. I want you to feel the paper I chose, I want you to be able to look at the image closely if you want or from a distance if you want.

I used to love and still love looking at album artwork on my favorite records or CDs. This was a huge part of the experience for me. Small prints and photo books remind me of the relationship I had with the artwork on some of my favorite albums.

Although the prints in these images are only 4×6 I’m considering prints up to 8×10 “small prints”. And soon I will start selling these small prints. Even if I only get a few people to buy them I will be excited that someone has enough of an interest to spend their money on my work. I love the idea that someone will hold in their hands prints that I created at home.

Small prints are often overlooked in the photography community, we think about small prints as just proofs you get from the lab or just for random snapshots. I want my small prints to be pieces of art that people can collect, pin up near a desk, frame them, hold them, or even use them as a coaster, lol. I want to find people like you, who admire photography and art and get my prints into your hands to enjoy.

Thanks for reading. This was a little more of a rambling mess than I wanted it to be. But this is my blog and it can be messy.