Last week I posted a video that was just a long rambling video of thoughts about my Fujifilm X-T4. This week I decided to make a similar video about my X-H1.

Last month I had posted that I was thinking of selling my X-H1 and getting a different “second” Fujifilm camera. Last year I owned a lot of Fujifilm cameras and now own just 2. My intention was to have no more than 2 at anytime so I needed to sell my X-H1 or X-T4 in order to get anything new. Since my X-T4 is my main video camera now for YouTube then my X-H1 was going to have to go. I debated on getting an X-T30 II or an X-E4 for an everyday carry camera so I can keep my main video camera (my X-T4) at home.

But after making that video about which camera to buy I’ve been rotating my street camera between the X-T4 and X-H1 more regularly. By doing this I’ve been reminded how much I love my X-H1. If I sold it just to get a more compact camera with a couple of new features I would regret it. Is the X-H1 small and compact? No, but I’ve also realized small and compact are not priorities for me, as I mentioned when I got my X-T4.

My priorities for my Fujifilm cameras go way beyond size and weight. There are things about the X-H1 I love that is difficult to put into words but in this video I at least try to do that.

My X-H1 isn’t going anywhere, at least for a while. It will sit nicely next to my X-T4 and that will be the extent of my camera collection. (at least for a while) And next time G.A.S (Gear acquisition syndrome) flares up I will come back and watch these videos and remind myself of why I love the cameras I have.