“TERRACE FLORA” – Street Photography Recipe for the X-T1

This is another street photography recipe that has a little bit of a vintage vibe to it.

“TERRACE FLORA” is on a similar spectrum as my “GOLD LEAF 1” and “1979” recipes.

Just like those it’s based on the built in Astia simulation.

This one is as versatile as “1979” but with just a slightly different approach to the white balance, WB shift and sharpness setting.

It’s a great street photography recipe. It gives wide shots some character but doesn’t disturb vibrant colors.

Take a look at some photo samples and find the recipe settings below the photos.


WB: 5300K
WB Shift: R: -3, B -3
Color: -2
Sharpness: 0
Highlight Tone: -2
Shadow Tone: -2
Noise Reduction: -2

And check out my YouTube video of me talking about this recipe.

This is a recipe that I’ll turn to when I want a vintage color film vibe. Give “TERRACE FLORA” a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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