I want to create as many good B&W film simulation choices as I can for the X-T1. “REFLECTED CONCRETE” is my latest B&W recipe. This sits somewhere between my “STREET SPIRIT” and “TONED CARBON”.

I know it becomes difficult to tell these B&W recipes apart at first but once you shoot with them often enough you’ll learn the subtle differences and then be able to choose the perfect one.

I encourage you to program a few of these in your camera and shoot the same scene and study the differences.

Take a look at some photo samples and find the recipe settings below.


Base Film Simulation: BW
Dynamic Range: DR100
WB: 2500K
Color: n/a
Sharpness: 1
Highlight Tone: 1
Shadow Tone: -2
Noise Reduction: 0

Add “REFLECTED CONCRETE” to your B&W recipe collection and let me know how it works out. Keep an eye on this blog and my YouTube channel for more film simulation recipes.