The differences in B&W film simulation recipes for the X-T1 are subtle. The lack of Acros, grain settings and the lower range of each setting limit the choices. That being said there are enough settings to create a handful. This latest one that I call “TONED CARBON” is the second B&W recipe I created for the X-T1.

Trying to differentiate this from “GREYSTREET 1” I decided to utilize a higher sharpness setting as well as increasing contrast a bit. I used the B&W & Green filter as the base film simulation.

This recipe should help create contrast, detail and add drama when you’re not getting the best light. I liked the detail I was getting from this recipe.

Take a look at some image samples and find the recipe settings below.


Base Film Simulation: B&W Green filter
Dynamic Range: DR100
White Balance: Auto
Color: n/a
Sharpness: 2
Highlight Tone: 1
Shadow Tone: 2
Noise Reduction: -2

Add “TONED CARBON” to your B&W recipe collection and let me know how it works out. Keep an eye on this blog and my YouTube channel because I have a few more B&W recipes on the way, both for my X-T1 and my X-H1.

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