“VIVID SPECTRA” – A color rich, Velvia based recipe.

*I had posted the wrong recipe info before. It’s corrected now. Thank you for visiting!

Most of the time I create recipes based on visual inspirations. It’s not the case this time. I created “Vivid Spectra” because I realized I had haven’t done anything yet with the built in Velvia simulation. I figured it’s time to give Velvia some love and see what I can create with it.

Vivid Spectra is another recipe designed as an outdoor daylight film simulation. Velvia already starts us off with a color rich look and I wanted to embrace that aspect of it instead of try to counteract it with the settings.

The results remind a bit of what comes out of a Canon DSLR using the standard settings. They’re saturated but not oversaturated, they’re sharp but not unnaturally sharp.

Take a look at a few sample images and find the recipe settings below the image gallery.


Base Film Simulation: Velvia
Dynamic Range: DR100
WB: 5000k
Color +1
Sharpness: +2
Highlight Tone: -2
Shadow Tone: 0
Noise Reduction: 0

Use Vivid Spectra when you want to capture some vibrant colors. This might be great for photos of kids birthday parties, holiday decorations or any scenes that call for a heightened color reproduction.

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