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The past few recipes I’ve created all utilized a pre-set White Balance setting, as opposed to AUTO WB. This usually helps provide a color cast in some situations when using these recipes, some more drastic than others. My “1979” is more subtle than my “GOLD LEAF” recipe for example. Since I’ve posted those I’ve noticed a few people interested in some recipes that are more versatile and color neutral. This is one of the main reasons I created “ECHO CHROME”

Like I’ve said many times, I don’t create these to mimic one specific type of film. In general, I used a few different color negative films used to shoot some classic street photography as inspiration. And since many of the X-Series cameras don’t have “Classic Neg” as a built in option it’s nice to create as many as these types of recipes as possible.

The base film simulation for this recipe is PRO Neg. Std Both PRO Neg. Std and PRO Neg. Hi are simulations that I have overlooked for the most part. Lately I’ve been experimenting with them more. If you haven’t shot with them much I encourage you to give them a chance, especially if you have an older X-Series camera.

The settings for “Echo Chrome” are listed after this photo sample gallery.


Base Film Simulation: Pro Neg Standard
Dynamic Range: DR400
White Balance: Auto
Color: -2
Sharpness: -2
Highlight Tone: 0
Shadow Tone: -2
Noise Reduction: -2

You’ll notice many key similarities with this and my “SKYLIGHT”. SKYLIGHT needed a locked in WB to give it the look I was after. This look does not.

This might be the most versatile recipe I’ve created yet. Try “ECHO CHROME” as your walk around recipe. Shoot it indoors and out with the confidence that you’re not going to have any dramatic color shifts. There’s a place for color casts and tints but his is intended to give you a solid foundation to shoot all kinds of situations with your X-Series camera and still retain some hints of film characteristics.