One of my favorite film simulations built into the Fujifilm cameras is Classic Chrome. Classic Chrome is a simulation Fuji created for photographers who wanted more muted colors. SKYLIGHT uses Classic Chrome as the base and opens it up a little. I’ve decreased contrast, pulled back saturation a little more, and reduced sharpening.

I created this with sunny days in mind. When I’m out shooting on sunny Las Vegas summer days it’s nice to add just a little flare to my photos. Of course I can adjust the RAW files as I see fit in editing but sometimes I like to have JPEGS that have been created with these film simulations as inspiration. When I go back and sit at my computer I can see how the JPEGS look and decide whether I want to edit the RAWs in the same way or take them in a different direction.

A simulation recipe like SKYLIGHT might seem subtle in some situations but that’s intended. Sometimes subtlity is best with these kinds of color and contrast adjustments. I will create more that are more dramatic in the future.

Take a look at some of the image samples taken recently with SKYLIGHT and see the recipe settings after the images samples below.


  • BASE FILM SIMULATION: Classic Chrome
  • WB: 5600k
  • COLOR: -2

Try that out and let me know if you like the results you get.

Also, check out my YouTube video on this setting. I’m using to start a new video series called “Straight Out Of Camera”. 

Keep an eye out for many more film simulation recipes. If you start trying any of these and like the results let me know. I would love to see some image samples.

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