Dusting off this blog.

Hey there. I have neglected this blog too much. Today is the day I’m changing it. I have no grand plans or content schedule. I just need to start creating and sharing.

I have done a decent job of this on my YouTube channel so far this year. It has been pretty much all about photography so far and I want to start incorporating more filmmaking related aspects. I want to talk more about everything from the idea creation, writing process, filmming and editing. I figure if I just do a better job of documenting stuff I am creating and talking about the tools I like to use then I’ll be off to a good start.

Speaking of YouTube if you’re interested in this blog then maybe you’ll be interested in my YouTube channel. Check out my latest upload here:

So I’m going to be all over the creative map with this blog and YouTube channel. I know they say to “niche” down but what works best for me is to share what interests and excites me. If you’re into filmmaking, photography and all things creative then I think we’ll get along great and I hope you stick around.

Thank you! Talk to you very soon.

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