This will be a quick entry today. I am going to try Bullet Journaling. I have carried a Moleskine notebook (or notebooks like it) consistantly for about 8 years and off and on for longer than that. Most of the time I have never had any sort of specific system for organizing it. Usually would just start at the front of the notebook and go page by page, writing down anything and everything. A few years ago I started to experiment with ways to maximize the notebooks and my notetaking. I remember looking at some Bullet Journal videos on YouTube a few years ago and admiring what they did but at the time it seemed like too much trouble to set one up and get started. For some reason I revisited this idea recently. I found some great examples of Bullet Journals with simple layout and asthetics. I liked the simple style of these and got inspired to buy a fresh notebook and make it into my first Bullet Journal.

I am still building my layout and figuring out what extra things I want in there but as soon as it is ready I will show you how I decided to lay it out. Most likely I am going to build a hybrid Bullet Journal + GTD system.

In the meantime, share with me your experiences with Bullet Journaling if you use this method. What notebook do you use for it? Do you have fancy designs and doodles in yours? Has it helped you in your everyday life?