Canon FD 100mm f4 Macro

A quick update about my latest vintage lens acquisition. I just got a Canon FD 100mm f4 Macro lens. Believe it or not this is my first dedicated macro lens.

I will definitely use this on my Canon FD film cameras but I am most excited to use this on my Fujifilm X-T2 with my Gobe FD-X lens adapter.

My Fujifilm X-T2 with vertical grip, the Gobe FD-X lens adapter and the Canon FD 100mm f4 Macro

Mirrorless cameras like the X-T2 give new life to lenses like this. I now have a solid set of FD prime lenses and a couple of really good FD zoom lenses in my set up. I don’t have the benefit of autofocus with these but that doesn’t matter much to me. The focusing assist tools on these cameras are amazing. I tend to use the focus peaking feature and have become spoiled by it a little. It works very well.

A sample shot from the Canon FD 100mm f4 Macro lens on my Fujifilm X-T2 using the Gobe FD to X lens adapter.

I’ll come back and chat more about this Macro lens and post more sample shots from it soon. I’ll also write some specific blogs about the X-T2 soon. I reach for that camera more and more all the time.

I do have affiliate links in this blog but I link to things or suggest products because I’ve used them and like them myself. If you are in the market for a mirrorless camera, I can’t recommend the X-T2 enough. Due to the current prices on Amazon at the moment I would suggest just considering the X-T3, which is the newer version. Or keep an eye out on for used copies of the X-T2. The new prices have fluctuated dramatically. I’ve seen the new prices drop to $800 and at that price it becomes one of the best values in photography.