Many film cameras in the EOS lineup are underrated today. Since they’re not Leicas, Nikon F3s or even a Canon F1 they don’t get as much buzz online anymore.

I’ve spent the last few years trying as many film cameras from Nikon and Canon as I can get my hands on. That includes old school manual focus cameras as well as the later generation of film cameras that included auto focus features.

Canon EOS-1n, Canon EOS-ELANIIe, Canon EOS-A2e, Canon EOS-630, Canon EOS-RebelG

Even after trying some fantastic cameras like the Nikon F4 and even the F6, I keep coming back to the EOS line of cameras. This is a personal choice. You can’t go wrong with film cameras from Nikon, Minolta, Pentax or Leica but I feel at home with the EOS system.

I have a small collection of EOS film cameras and will keep searching for and trying all of them eventually. What I hope to do is to help give you some information and guidance on the range of choices in this lineup.

Here is my current collection of EOS film cameras. I will start blogging and doing YouTube videos on each one. The cool thing is that if you can usually find these cameras at very reasonable used price now which allows you to invest more money into lenses. I’ve bought a few of these cameras from and continue to visit their site for cool cameras and lenses to try.

I’m looking for feedback on what camera to cover on this blog and my YouTube channel first. Which of these camera(s) are you interested in learning more about out of this bunch?

By the way, my links to are affiliate links. You do get 5% off your first purchase through my links to their site. Just like with many content creators, programs like this help keep the blog going. Take 5% off for first time shoppers