A local art gallery, City Lights Art Gallery, held their first inaugural juried photo contest in June. One of the pieces I entered was recognized with an award. I’m super honored to have my work recognized among all of the other awesome work submitted. I am even more excited to continue to help and support the gallery in anyway I can as a member.

Having any sort of relationship with a gallery is new to me. This is one piece of my photography journey that I had not done yet. Once I saw the posting about the photo contest I figured this was as good of a time as any to start getting my work in a gallery setting.

I’m not new to printing my photos but I normally don’t print them with a specific project or purpose. Having a specific project and a hard deadline was very motivating.

If you are near the Las Vegas/Henderson area you should take a trip to Downtown Henderson and visit the City Lights Art Gallery. Nothing is quite like a thoughtfully put together printed piece of art, whether that’s photography or any other art-form.

Fellow photographers, do you print your work or have any interest in doing so if you don’t currently?