A Sunday Swim

A favorite summer activity for my son and I is swimming. Often times we take our GoPro with us to capture some cool video as well as use it for an object to hide and find in the water. Since I have been playing around with an editing app for the iPad Pro called LumaFusion by LumaTouch. I thought it would be cool to cut a video together of some of our swimming clips from this past weekend, using nothing but LumaFusion for the edit.

Some of the shots in this video are from my iPhone but anything in the water is from the GoPro, specifically a GoPro HERO Session . This has been one of the most fun pieces of tech I’ve purchased in the past few years and this video shows why.

The other element of the video is the music which is from Artlist.io. This is currently my music library of choice. I love their annual pricing that includes all the downloads of songs that you need. They are constantly adding to their music library. If you’re a content creator and need a music source, check them out.

By the way, the link to the GoPro is an Amazon affiliate link but I’m not associated with GoPro, LumaTouch or Artlist.io. I just dig those tools and like to share what tools I am using at the moment.

Enjoy the video!

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