NaNoWriMo 2018 – Day 28

Day 28 was another busy day. The writing went well. I’m not knocking out pages like I want to but I’m building momentum or at least regaining momentum that once lost.

I’m rewatching some of my favorite sci-fi films in any free time I have, and I just started reading a sci-fi novel. There have been some amazing science fiction films released in the past decade. Many of my influences come from these films. The filmmakers who made them were influenced by some of the older films that I was also influenced by. This brings up an interesting point.

One thing I love to do is research who influenced my favorite artists. That could be my favorite musicians, painters or favorite directors. Doing this exposes me to work I might not have experienced before and it also gives you more building blocks while developing a personal style.

Only a couple of days left in November. My Nanowrimo blogs haven’t been packed with a ton of info but I’m happy I’ve done this. I’ve written on a screenplay and written a blog update everyday this month. Maybe I’ll try to keep that momentum going as long as I can.

Until tomorrow…

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