Another day down. As I’m writing this script, my mind can’t help but think of other things I can create that involve the characters and this story universe I’m building. Maybe it’s my impatience but I wish I could share with you a short novel, a short film, anything that gives you a taste of the story, the vibe, etc.

I should make a game plan to create one or more pieces of fiction that relate to this story. I just need to figure out what. A novel, even a short one, seems extremely daunting. I have major doubts that my writing abilities are up to that level. I don’t doubt my instinct and skills for storytelling but writing a novel would be a huge challenge. A short film or anything with a visual element seems like a good idea but still a decent undertaking.

Thanks for listening/reading my thoughts for the day 😉 Back to writing. Have a great day!