It’s not uncommon for writers and artists to try to avoid consuming to much outside art that may influence what they’re currently working on in an unwanted way. I’ve tried to do this but can’t.

Often times it helps me to look away from what I’m working on and absorb some music, movie or a cool book. Even in the world of Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, I still like to purchase movies. I like to have constant access to them and I also like to enjoy special features that a lot of movies have to offer.

Most of the movies I purchase I do through iTunes. This used to mean that in order to watch these I had to do it on one of my Apple devices. For me this isn’t a huge deal but there were still times I wished I could watch an iTunes movie on my Amazon Fire TV. This is much less of a problem now with a service called Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere doesn’t cost anything, all you have to do is sign up and connect the movies and TV apps you normally use. Then if you buy a movie through Google Play it will show up in your Amazon Prime videos section and vice versa.

Two of my favorite features of the Movies Anywhere service are it’s app, that you can watch movies in and it’s website which also allows you to watch.

This sounds like an advertisement. Haha. It’s not. I’m just appreciative that there is finally a decent system to that allows me to replace a Blu-Ray collection if I choose too, and I won’t be giving up features or convenience. The only problem with Movies Anywhere right now is that not all movie studios are on board so you might run into films that don’t transfer from service to service. If you go to the Movies Anywhere website you will find a lot of info on compatible movies.

If you’re movie buff like me, sign up for Movies Anywhere and enjoy your film collection anywhere.

Day 20 of NaNoWriMo is done, day 21 is well underway. Enjoy your movie watching!