I seem to always have a handful of stories rolling around in my head and even more written on paper. I love coming up with ideas and often write the initial seed for a story idea when I’m driving or doing something completely unrelated to writing. Over the years I have collected a lot of story ideas. Not many of them will see the light of day but some of them will. It’s usually the ones that have some legs to them that are the stories that keep popping up in my head at the strangest times.

There’s a temptation to work on multiple projects at once so I can scratch an itch that another story is creating while I’m working on the current project. I have tried this before and there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this but I’m trying to concentrate all or almost all of my writing energy on the current script I’m working on.

Keeping my creative focus on one story will hopefully get my mind thinking about story details instead of wondering to much to other stories, at least I hope so. 😉

Do you guys write multiple projects at once? If so, how do you juggle this? Any tips?