Day 9 of NanoWrimo. I made some good progress but I’m hoping this weekend I’m able to tackle larger chunks of the script.

It seems common for screenwriters to have struggles with the second act of a screenplay and I’m no exception. I buy into the idea of second acts often being split up. With this idea in mind the second part of act two is kind of intimidating me right now. Obviously I will be going through a rewriting process where I will have a chance to really strengthen every aspect of the story but tackling this still seems daunting.

One thing I keep my sights on is the ending of the story. I now know, at least in general terms, the ending. I know the feelings I want to generate, I know the mood, I know what parts of the story I want to wrap up. It took me a quite a while to get an idea of what I wanted the ending to be. Knowing the ending now gives me a destination.

Being so lost on the ending was one of the justifications for procrastination I kept telling myself for so long. Of course there are many reasons why I procrastinated finishing this story and most of them have nothing to do with the story itself. Since I know what I want the ending to be now, I can’t even pretend that is a reason anymore.

I am excited to keep writing and finish this story. If my years of procrastination haven’t killed this story yet than maybe it is a sign I am supposed to see it through until the end. That is what this month is about for me, reminding myself of how cool this story is and that it needs to see the light of day. Until then I am enjoying the process of writing it.

I hope NaNoWriMo is going well for you guys. If you are partaking, whether it’s for a novel or screenplay, comment on this post and let me know. If you are documenting it in a blog or on Youtube, let me know that too. I will check that out and share a link here if you’d like.

Until tomorrow.