Day 6 of Nanowrimo wasn’t that productive. I had some wisdom teeth pulled in the morning so I didn’t get in as much writing in as I would have liked.

I did write a little bit at least and that’s really my main goal for this month. To at least write a little bit each day and get back to the point of it being a daily habit. Hopefully I’ll have more progress to report on tomorrow.

Now, on to another huge influence on me. In terms of UFO and alien related science fiction films, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is one of my all time favorites. It’s one of my favorite films overall but definitely one of my favorite sci-fi films.

It’s a Spielberg classic and I watch it often. Eventually I’m going to do more thorough breakdowns of some of these films I mention but for now I want to at least share some of my favorites.

Until tomorrow!