When I started this script I’m working on I was writing it in a different application than the one I want to work with now. I want to write the rest of it in Scrivener. So instead of just trying to import the script file into Scrivener I am retyping what I have done in it. The first step in this process is writing all of the scene headings I have laid out so far. I don’t have the entire film of scene headings yet but a decent chunk, probably one half of the script maybe more. Once I’m done with the scene headings then I will fill in description and maybe the action lines into each scene card in Scrivener and this will become an outline of sorts as I continue with the rest of the story.

On day 2 of Nanowrimo I continued this process of transitioning what I have written before into the Scrivener project. This will probably take a day or two, unless I’m able to spend a decent amount of today on it.

The other thing I want to start on today is my large paper notebook for this project. I need to decide what kinds of sections I want and divide the notebook up accordingly. I know I want sections for character bios and information. I think 1 page front and back should suffice. Another section for a timeline for the entire story makes sense. I had one of these before when I was outlining the story and it helped a lot. I will revise this idea and create a time road map. I probably should create an area for scene locations. Since there are a handful of flashbacks and scenes set in prior years, having some scene information relevant to the year the scene takes place in could be helpful. I’m thinking out loud with all of this. I should make sure I know the page count of the notebook and then I can decide how many sections will fit and how many pages each should be.

That’s where I’m at after Day 2, I’m writing this in the middle of Day 3 which is going well so far. I will write another update tomorrow and maybe be in a position to start sharing a little about the story and my inspirations for it.

If you found this blog because you’re participating in NanoWrimo too then GOOD LUCK TO YOU! I hope it’s going well. Most people are writing novels during this monthly challenge which is amazing. A script is only about 120 pages, widely spaced and it’s still daunting. Lol 😉

Till tomorrow..