I am not a novelist but I am going to jump on the Nanowrimo bandwagon this year. I am going to use the month of daily writing to finish or get as close as I can to finishing a feature length screenplay that has been simmering for a few years.

I will give more details about the screenplay itself as the month goes on. I will also document my progress or lack thereof on here as often as I can.

Yesterday was November 1, Nanowrimo Day 1. On Day 1 I decided on the tools I will use for this writing adventure and got them setup. Besides a web browser for research I will be spending most of my writing time in Scrivener. Scrivener is not only great for writing but also a powerful tool to store my notes, ideas and research so I can stay within one app and access everything I need for my story. Along with my iPad and Scrivener I will be using 2 analog notebooks. 1 notebook is my everyday carry. That’s the notebook I carry at work, at home, to coffee shops, etc. I have it with me almost always. Anything and everything gets written in there. This includes ideas regarding my stories. This notebook is there to capture anything film related, along with shopping list reminders.

My second notebook is a larger one and this one will be dedicated to my story. No, I’m not going to write my screenplay in it by hand, are you crazy? But I am going to divide it into sections including ones for outlines, character bios, references, dialogue ideas, ideas about executing the film itself, inspirations and more.

I was able to do a little writing on Day 1 but not much. It’s Day 2 as I’m writing this and although I got some writing in already, the day is young and I will get more in before midnight.

Nanowrimo 2018 – my filmmaking edition. Here goes nothing.