Long story short, I purchased a Fujifilm X-T100. I intended to purchase a Fujifilm camera eventually but wasn’t quite sure when I would pull the trigger. After seeing some great reviews of the X-T100 I decided it might be a perfect entry point for me into the Fujifilm system and into the world of mirrorless. I will most likely never stop using my Canon gear. My hope is to maintain both my Canon and Fujifilm systems. My main film camera will always be my Canon EOS-1n so any investment into EOS EF lenses will be used for my film photography as well as my DSLRs. Now my new X-T100 allows me to utilize my old Nikon and Canon manual focus lenses on a mirrorless camera system and get new life out of them. I’ll dive deeper into my experience with adapting old lenses to digital cameras later. Today, I want to share my initial thoughts on my X-T100 after only owning it for literally a few hours. Then I will follow up with more blogs about my experience with it as I shoot more with it.

Here are my initial impressions.

Build quality

Without analyzing what exactly all the materials that make up the camera, it feels like it is built well. Not one aspect of the camera body feels cheap. For a camera that costs well under $1000 this is nice.

The size

It is tiny! This one of the benefits of mirrorless technology, being able to fit all the tools you need to take a great photo into a small package. I’m so used to the way my Canon EOS cameras feel in my hand and this is significantly smaller. This might be my biggest obstacle with getting comfortable with this camera.

Button & knob layout

The button and knob layout are completely new to me. After more time with the camera I will feel right at home adjusting my settings on the fly but at the moment I’m a little overwhelmed by this new button and knob layout.

Lens compatibility

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs one of the main reasons I wanted a mirrorless cameras was to use old manual lenses with it. These old lenses tend to adapt to mirrorless cameras better than on DSLRs. Along with the camera I bought an FD-Fuji X mount adapter and a Nikon F to Fuji X mount adapter. Doing some initial tests with these adapters has been fun. I can’t wait to take the X-T100 with some of my favorite manual lenses out and shoot some city scenes.

Image Quality

I can’t even begin to properly analyze this. I’ll have taken photos of so far have been random items in my home office and a couple shots of leaves outside. I am also currently without my computer, as it is getting repaired, so I can’t properly edit and analyze the photos, or even get a good look at them on a big screen. I’ve pulled a few into my iPad just for viewing purposes and they look good on there. I have a feeling I’m going to be beyond pleased with image quality though.

Now to go shoot..

I’m excited to have a Fujifilm camera. I need to take this and one of my EOS cameras out and shoot some new stuff. I will report back on how this camera is working out.