I want to get in a rhythm of writing smaller updates and posts for this blog. Using it as journal of projects and things I am trying out seems like a good way to post on a regular basis.

One of the things that happened this week that I’m excited to share is the fact that I purchased a few rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400. It’s been a year or so since I have shot with Tri-X.

When I first got back into shooting film a few years ago I shot a handful of Tr-X rolls. I never really did in depth comparison between Tr-X and T-Max but I seemed to have been drawn more to T-Max so I locked into shooting that a lot more the past couple of years. While I was initially debating between Tr-X and T-Max I was shooting a bit more nature and landscape scenes. T-Max seemed to render these scenes better for me.

Now I have been shooting a lot more cityscape scenes especially of Downtown Las Vegas and a few other areas around the city. Tri-X may give me more of an interesting look for this style of shooting.

I also understand a lot more about developing my film and I now have a couple of different methods of developing. Since last shooting Tr-X I have also upgraded my flatbed scanner that I use to scan my negatives with.

The city shoots, new development methods and a new scanner are some of the reasons that I feel the time is right to revisit the the comparison between Tr-X and T-Max. I’m fairly certain I know how it will turn out but it will be nice to compare these 2 films with fresh, more seasoned photographic eyes.

So starting this weekend, when I load the Tri-X into one of my film cameras, the Tri-X vs. T-Max comparison begins.

Stay tuned as I document what I find.