NaNoWriMo 2018 – Day 7

Day 7 went well. One of the things I spent time on was character details. I have had most of the details about the characters figured out a long time ago but I still have much work to do in this area.

Once I have the image of the main character, during the early stages of the story, I have a need to know the characters name and some basic information about the character. This is pretty much the same for the main supporting characters. Naming characters for me is fun yet can be a big obstacle. I could just name them generic names then get to writing but I do spend a decent amount of time giving them well thought out names and simple backgrounds. I then fill in the background information more thoroughly later.

One of the tools I love most about Scrivener is the character and scene pages it gives you to help with this. On this story I’m mirroring this idea in my paper notebook but it’s nice to have some digital documents for each character. If I get stuck in a scene or am trying to spark some new ideas, I’ll go through and read my ideas about the characters.

Whether it’s for a novel or screenplay, what is your process for naming your characters? Is it a big deal for you?