Hello August,

Where has the time gone? As I get older I’ll never come to terms with how much faster the years seem to fly by.

I’m looking foward to the high temps to calm down when it’s more conducive to go out and shoot more regularly.

I’ll post some updates about gear soon but my main video camera is still my X-T4 and my main photo camera is still my X-H1 but I did acquire an X-T3 recently. The X-T3 was the only one out of the X-T1 through X-T4 I had not owned yet. Now I can check that one off the list and do a review of that one soon.

I went to the camera store the other day to look at the new X-H2s. It’s very cool. Someday that will be my main video camera, when I get the money for it that is.

I hope you guys are well. Thanks for reading!