A couple of weeks ago I decided to trade in a handful of photography gear to trim my collection of stuff down a bit.

With my trade-ins I was able to get a Fujifilm X-T4. I didn’t originally set out to get one but it just worked out.

This camera was on my wishlist for a while, mainly for the video features. I figured I would get it and it would become my main video shooter and my X-H1 would be my main stills camera.

Things haven’t worked out exactly the way I had planned. I’ve used this camera for everything so far, videos, candid family shots, street photography and more.

This post is just a teaser of what’s to come. I need a little more time with the camera before I do a longer post and YouTube video but things are off to a great start with me and the X-T4 so far. It has suprised me in a few areas that I can’t wait to share with you.

A few months ago I had over 10 cameras (between film & digital bodies) I’m down to 3. The X-H1, X-T4 and one film camera I’ll talk about later.

I like the idea of having a backup digital camera but so I love the X-T4 so much that it could easily be my only camera.

I know 2022 will bring many new and great things from Fujifilm but if I upgrade from the X-T4 it won’t be because it lacks any capability, it will be because I’m a gearhead and can’t resist a camera change sometimes.

But for now it’s me and the X-T4 and it’s the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

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8 thoughts on “ME AND MY NEW FUJIFILM X-T4

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  1. Hello Craig,
    Congratulations on your new camera.
    I’m not going to upgrade to the X-T4 myself, mainly because the X-T4 uses a different battery than the other X cameras – and I think it’s a plus that the batteries are interchangeable.
    I do have two X-H1 – great cameras!
    and also an X-T1 which I mainly use for manual photography with vintage lenses – I know you also have/had an X-T1, as it was mainly your article that made me buy this camera. The X-T1 turned out to be a great camera indeed, I hope you still kept it 🙂

    1. Hey Marc! I totally get the hesitation to upgrade. I love my X-H1 and if I wasn’t doing a lot of video projects I wouldn’t have even considered it. That being said the new battery is pretty great and lasts a very long time. That’s awesome you babe 2 X-H1s and an X-T1! I think the X-H1s will only grow in popularity over the next year because of the combo of ergonomics and that X-Trans III sensor. Fujifilm makes great stuff and we really can’t go wrong with any of them. Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you’re well

    1. Thank you! So it’s noticeably heavier than the X-T2 but the grip is nicer so I feels better to hold and shoot with. It still feels like an “X-T*” camera. It’s not as heavy as my X-H1 but just more compact so in a way feels just as heavy. They do seem to get bigger huh? But I thought it would bug me more than it does but overall the size and weight are great for me. I went down the “pocketable” camera rabbit hole for a while and realized the only camera that I ever actually put in my pocket and carry with me constantly is my iPhone. So I want my main mirrorless camera to have the feature set and image quality I like. This definitely does.

      1. I went down the same rabbit hole and came to the same conclusion. I took advantage of the holiday pricing and pulled the trigger on the X-T3. Not the newest model but a good value so I’m looking forward to its arrival.

      2. Oh that’s awesome! I think it’s a great choice. I regret nothing with my X-T4 so far and the X-T3 is very similar. Please keep me updated. I can’t wait to hear how it works out. Btw, I’ve been experimenting shooting at ISO 12,800 in B&W and I love it! So fun. I would have never considered shooting at that high ISO before but the look of the “noise” in B&W at that ISO is super cool to me.

  2. I am so glad you are happy with the X-T4, I own an X-T3, but do use an X-T4 out on shoots as my best mate has one. I have an upcoming blog about why I won’t be buying an X-T4, and some of that is to do with the fact I don’t shoot video and having had that screen in my Nikons, I will never go back to one like that. However, for video it is awesome!

    Keep up the great posts around the internet!

    1. Thanks Mark! And I totally get why this camera isn’t for everyone. The screen being a big deal breaker for many. So you’re definitely not alone there. I did get it for video first but have pleasantly surprised at some things it has to offer for my photography. I need to organize my thoughts a bit more and make a video and blog about all that. I hope you’re well btw! I havent been on Facebook and might even delete my account. So my YouTube and blog will be my main places to connect with people. I’m debating about my IG account

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