Starting on March 1st, Kodak‘s film prices are increasing. Some increases are more dramatic than others depending on the stock. Moment has a great blog post talking about the upcoming price increases. They also suggest getting your order in now. Only orders taken and fulfilled by March 1st will get the current prices.

The current supplies won’t last long. If you need/want to stock up, order now to save money. I invite you to use my affiliate links to Moment. Here is the link to Portra 400 which will see an increase of 10-15 for a 5 pack.

Any purchase made through that link helps my blog and YouTube channel.

Check out the blog post on Moment. It’s a good one.

Here is the blog post from Moment:

And here is a simple chart from their Instagram previewing the price increases (on the second slide):

To be completely honest, I stopped shooting film in late 2021 for many reasons, price increases and decreased availability among those reasons. But a few weeks ago I picked up some Portra 400 and shot a roll with my Nikon 8008 and 50mm 1.4. I won’t be shooting film on a regular basis again I don’t think. But I had a purpose this time around.

I’m working on a project where I’m going to try to mimic the look of Portra as closely as possible in many different apps as well as in camera. I’ll try to do this in Lightroom, Capture One and Luminar Neo to start.

Keep an eye out for that.

The film photography landscape changes constantly. Every time I talk about “Why I’m not shooting film” currently the haters come out of the wood work and like I betrayed my tribe. lol. Like I said, there are many reasons for why I’m concentrating on digital photography now and some of those are personal as much as anything. Maybe I’ll make another video or blog about it but in the meantime, if you’re curious e-mail me, DM me on social and chat.

I hope you are a well! And I hope you’re creating cool stuff with whatever your camera of choice is, an iPhone or a Leica or something in between.