More Thoughts On My Fujifilm X-T4

I’m working on more well thought out video subjects but in the meantime I just felt like talking about my X-T4 a little bit. So that’s what my latest YouTube video is, a 20 plus minute rambling on the X-T4. It’s definitely not a review as there are a ton of things I didn’t talk about.

Since I got the X-T4 I’ve been rotating between it and my X-H1 for my city and street photography. Both have their advantages. Overall though I think I’ve been more productive and have been more inspired to shoot with the X-T* type of cameras (X-T1, X-T2, etc). I talk a bit about that in the video among other things.

This is ongoing journey of creation and discovery for me and I’ll continue to talk about it on my YouTube channel as well as here.

Check out the YouTube video and leave a comment so I know you’re there. Thank you!

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