Some of you may have arrived here from watching my YouTube videos, but if you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel I invite you to do so. Along with a channel on YouTube a few months ago I began mirroring that channel on the LBRY platform. For those that don’t know about LBRY here’s a primer. LBRY is an alternative to YouTube but it’s more than just that. It’s a decentralized platform for creators. Odysee is the current “front end” or interfface for LBRY, although I’m sure more front end options will pop up. You can visit or download the app on the supported platforms.

Right now the content on my Odysee channel is identical to my YouTube channel. I don’t plan on leaving YouTube. I want to keep both channels active. I might start producing some videos for Odysee audiences specifically so I can learn more about the audience there.

I love the idea of choice and I hope Odysee eventually gives people a good alternative to YouTube. If you sign up for Odysee please consider using my reference link here –$/invite/@craigbergonzoni:f

And let me know in the comments here if you decide to sign up or even if you just check out the channel. I appreciate all the support you guys have shown this blog and my YouTube channel.